German Pain Association

German Pain Association

German Pain Association

Comprising over 4000 members, the German Pain Association is the largest organisation of practical therapists active in the field of pain therapy in Europe. One of the main objectives of the DGS is the establishment of pain therapy as a recognized specialty with appropriate teaching and training curricula in universities covering all aspects of medical teaching and research.

Each year, the German Pain Association, together with the patient organisation German Pain League (DSL), hosts the German Pain and Palliative Day, the largest German congress in the field of pain. Since the late 90s, we have enjoyed a successful and trustworthy relationship with the DSG also who represent one of our longest-standing clients. We appreciate this close relationship und mutual trust.

Congresses – abridged list

Until 2019 annually in Frankfurt

Since 2020 ONLINE - due to positive experience and high acceptance

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