German Heart Center Munich – DHZ

In the Clinic of Paediatric Cardiology and Congenital Heart Disease in Munich one experiences medical excellence at the highest international level. Here, highly experienced professionals manage patients of all age structures with congenital heart defects.
Performing more than 550 heart operations in children and adolescents, more than 400 of which are on-pump, approx. 200 in neonates and infants as well as about 800 cardiac catheterisations annually including 300 interventions, our department is leading the way in Germany and ranks among the best European heart centres of its kind.
International, star-studded events take place regularly in the Heart Centre, and Interplan is often responsible for the entire organisation of such events. We appreciate the long-running, very trusting relationship we share with various professors from the Clinic of Paediatric Cardiology and look forward to further exciting projects.

Congresses – abridged list

  • 2009 „DACH-Symposium" German-Austrian-Swiss Meeting on congenital heart defects in adults
  • 2011 6th European Echocardiography Course
  • 2016 EuroGUCH - 7th European Meeting on adult congenital heart disease
  • 2015-2017 Fetal - Munich Symposium on Fetal Cardiology

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