Association of Lower Rhenisch-Westphalian Surgeons

The Association of Lower Rhine-West Westphalian Surgeons is a regional association currently comprising 635 members. The aim is to unite all areas of focus and special fields of surgery under one roof. Emphasis is on the promotion of young surgeons through exchange and seminars. At the heart of the annual meeting and the work of the association in general, is the presentation of surgical unity including the involvement of all special fields. Since 1998, Interplan has been entrusted with the organisation of the annual conference and thus the NRW surgeons are among our most loyal customers.

In 2017, the annual meetings of the Association of Lower Rhine-West Westphalian surgeons as well as the Society for Gastroenterology in North Rhine-Westphalia were merged, and the new format "VISZERALMEDIZIN NRW" established.

Congresses – abridged list

  • 2015 Essen
  • 2016 Herne
  • 2017 Cologne
  • 2018 Düsseldorf
  • 2019 Essen
  • 2020 Dortmund
  • 2021 virtual
  • 2022 Dortmund
  • 2023 Essen
  • 2024 Dortmund
  • 2025 Essen

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